Friendly and Professional

We work hard to make your business and personal accounting easy by assessing your financial situation and working with you to find a solution. We are invested in your success every step of the way.

Trabajamos arduamente para facilitar su contabilidad personal y comercial al evaluar su situación financiera y trabajar con usted para encontrar una solución. Estamos comprometidos con su éxito en cada paso del camino.

Calculating numbers for income tax retur

Tax Preparation

Honest Tax Professionals

At Integrity Tax Solutions  you are guaranteed to work with a trained professional. We strive to provide you with the highest level of honesty and excellence. We work hand - in - hand with our clients to ensure that taxes are prepared in full accordance with the most recent regulations through a streamlined and straight forward process, plain and simple.

Our services include:


Tax Preparation (Individual & Business)

IRS Approved E-File Provider

Amended Returns

Assist with obtaining ITIN or ITIN 


1099 Misc. Form Preparation

Real Estate

En Integrity Tax Solutions tiene la garantía de trabajar con un profesional capacitado. Nos esforzamos por brindarle el más alto nivel de honestidad y excelencia. Trabajamos mano a mano con nuestros clientes para asegurar que los impuestos se preparen de acuerdo con las regulaciones más recientes a través de un proceso simplificado y directo, simple y llanamente.

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Keeping Finances on Track

We want all of our customers to experience the impressive level of professionalism when working with Integrity Tax Solutions.  We'll provide you with advice about your company's structure, help you draft business plans, and ensure you always have orderly and legible financial data on hand for investors and other interested business parties. We are not only service providers- we're part of your team pushing for continual growth and success.

Queremos que todos nuestros clientes experimenten el impresionante nivel de profesionalismo al trabajar con Integrity Tax Solutions. Le brindaremos asesoramiento sobre la estructura de su empresa, lo ayudaremos a redactar planes comerciales y nos aseguraremos de que siempre tenga a mano datos financieros ordenados y legibles para los inversores y otras partes comerciales interesadas. No solo somos proveedores de servicios, somos parte de su equipo que impulsa el crecimiento y el éxito continuos.

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Payroll Services

Perfect and Fast Calculations

We offer simple,  affordable payroll services for small businesses.  Accurate and compliant with on time service.

We will focus on your payroll so you can focus on your business.

Ofrecemos servicios de nómina simples y asequibles para pequeñas empresas. Preciso y conforme con el servicio a tiempo.

Nos centraremos en su nómina para que pueda concentrarse en su negocio.


Tax Preparation

Use these tips to help you prepare for your appointment

What should you bring to your appointment?

Required Documents:

  • Drivers License or State IDs

  • Social Security Cards

  • Proof of Residence for dependents claiming EIC

  • Direct Deposit  information- routing and account numbers

How can I check on my Tax Refunds?

​Visit IRS at

Get Refund Status: 1-800- 829-1040

Income Documents

  • Forms W-2 for you and spouse

  • Investment income - various forms 1099 (-INT, -DIV, -B, etc.), K-1s, stock option information

  • Forms 1009-G

  • Forms 1099-R, 8606 (IRA/pension distributions

  • Form SSA-1099 ( Social Security Benefits)

  • Taxable alimony received

  • Business income - profit/loss statement

  • If you use your home for business - provide home size, office size, home and office expenses

  • Rental property income/expense

  • Income from sales of property (Form 1099-C)Other miscellaneous income- gambling winnings, medical savings account, etc.

Other Tax Documents

  • IRA Contributions

  • Student loan interest

  • Self-employed health insurance payments

  • Alimony paid that is tax deductible

  • Real estate taxes paid

  • Personal property taxes

Tax Deduction Documents

  • Medical and dental expenses

  • Advance Child Tax Credit payment

  • Education expenses

  • Child care costs

  • Adoption costs

  • Home mortgage interest paid

  • Charitable contributions

  • Employee expenses (uniforms, CEUs, supplies, seminars, travel, etc.) prior to 2018


More About Integrity Tax Solutions

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Our commitment is to earn the trust of our clients. In doing so, we work hard to find as many savings opportunities as possible during the tax preparation and accounting process. Going beyond the routine deductions is what sets us apart in helping individuals and businesses develop the most beneficial, continual tax planning approach that addresses your unique financial situation. We provide proactive business advice for each and every one of our clients.

Our clients can expect: 

Timely Tax Preparation (Individual & Business)

Great Prices $$

Honesty and Integrity

Nuestro compromiso es ganar la confianza de nuestros clientes. Al hacerlo, trabajamos arduamente para encontrar tantas oportunidades de ahorro como sea posible. Ir más allá de las deducciones de rutina es lo que nos distingue al ayudar a las personas y empresas en desarrollar el enfoque de planificación fiscal y continua más beneficioso que aborde su situación financiera única. Brindamos asesoramiento comercial proactivo para todos y cada uno de nuestros clientes.


Office Hours

Monday - Friday:  8:30am - 5pm

Saturday: By Appointment 

Sunday: Closed


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"Professional, friendly, honest and best customer service ever!! They genuinely helped us with all our taxes and business needs."

"Professional, amigable, honestos y el mejor servicio al cliente!! Ellos sinceramente nos ayudaron con nuestros impuestos de negocio."

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